Terms & Conditions


Please read the following Terms and Conditions. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us at anytime our office number is 605-472-3800. 

Under these Terms and Conditions, it is agreed upon that the registered/legal owner of the vehicle(s), or a specifically authorize person transporting the vehicle(s), shall hereafter be referred to as "shipper" an Yada Enterprises Inc. referred transporter shall hereafter be referred to as Carrier. This order is subject to all Terms and Conditions of the carrier’s straight Bill of Lading. 

1. AUTHORIZED SHIPPER: Shipper must prove that he/she is the registered legal owner of described vehicle(s) or has authorized another person to enter into said agreement for transportation of described vehicle(s). If, for any reason, driver cannot get close enough to safely load vehicle(s), it is the Shipper’s responsibility to have vehicle moved to a safe location where the driver can safely load onto a carrier. 

2. DEPOSIT: Shipper is responsible for the payment of the deposit amount by cash, postal money order, and cashier’s check, Visa or Master Card The deposit will only be taken when we assign your vehicle to a carrier. 

3. INSPECTION: In your presence (or the presence of your authorized representative), the driver will complete a pre-trip inspection report for each vehicle. All pre-existing dents, scratches, chips or body damage to the vehicle are documented by the driver at the pickup point. The same procedure will be completed at the destination point. The carrier is only responsible for the vehicle while in his/her possession. No claims will be honored for weather related issues or acts of god.

4. ALARM SYSTEMS: Shipper is responsible for the complete disarmament of any installed alarm systems. This responsibility includes a notification to the Carrier of any installed alarm systems and a set of the keys or remote of the aforementioned system. In the event that the alarm system malfunctions and must be silenced, the Carrier is authorized to use any mean he/she deems reasonable and effective. 

5. AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE: Signature of the Shipper or his/her assigned person authorizes Yada Enterprises Inc. and its referred carrier to transport described vehicle(s) from point of pick up to point of destination as specified on the Shipping Order/Bill of Lading. 

6. INOPERABLE VEHICLES: There will be an additional fee of $150.00 (or more) for any to any non-operational vehicles, including vehicles that become non-operational during transit. 

7. PERSONAL BELONGINGS: Carrier’s insurance does not cover the loss or damage to personal items. Shipper agrees that personal items are limited to a maximum of 50 pounds that is placed in the trunk or cargo area of the vehicle(s). The Carrier is also will not responsible for loss or damage to personal belongings. Any costs, damages, and/or citations issued to a carrier due to or caused by personal items in the vehicle will be the sole responsibility of the Shipper. Under no circumstances, can any item obstruct the driving visibility. 

8. DAMAGES: The carrier’s cargo insurance will cover vehicle damages up to the vehicles fair market value. In the unlikely event damages occur to vehicle during transport, Yada Enterprises Inc. will provide shipper with the carrier's insurance information and will assist the shipper in processing the claims. Shipper understands that carrier is liable for any and all damages, liability claims and deductible amounts. Any claim for loss or damages must be noted in writing on the condition report at time of delivery. Signature of customer or agent thereof on the carrier’s delivery bill of lading without any notation of damages shall be evidence of satisfactory delivery of the vehicle. Any claim of damages caused by the carrier must be reported within 24 hours of delivery and be reported to the carrier. Customer will not charge back or stop payments as made to Yada Enterprises Inc. to offset any damage claims. 

9. DELIVERY: Due to conditions beyond our control such as traffic delays, weather conditions, acts of god, etc., it is impossible for the auto transport industry to positively guarantee a delivery date. Therefore, Shipper accepts the condition that service is subject to delay. 

10. CANCELLATION: You may cancel with us any time prior to us placing your vehicle with a carrier. In the event that the shipper cancels no refund will be given. Shipper must notify Yada Enterprises Inc. via written fax (605-472-0583) or email to dispatch@yadaenterprises.net in order to process a cancellation. 

11. PAYMENT: Shipper is responsible for payment of all COD amounts, including any additional charges, in cash. In the event that the aforementioned acceptable forms of payment are not available at the point of delivery, or should the Shipper be unable to accept delivery for any reason, the vehicle(s) shall be placed in a storage facility and that Shipper shall assume all responsibility for all assessed storage fees. Should shipper elect to pre pay in full via credit card for transporting a vehicle, a 2% fee will be assessed over and above the quoted amount. 

12. SHIPPER INSURANCE: Owner/Shipper warrants that vehicle is fully insured and that such insurance will be maintained until delivery. Owner/Shipper agrees to allow Yada Enterprises Inc. full use of all Owner's/Shipper's insurance in the event of an accident or damage to the vehicle. Carrier's insurance will only cover vehicle while it is on the transport. Owner must have coverage prior to loading and immediately upon unloading. 


Personal Items: Do not leave or transport anything valuable in your vehicle. Yada Enterprises Inc. or its agents are not responsible for anything loose inside your car, including cell phones, radar detectors, removable radios, household goods. 

      Clean Car: In order to expedite origin inspection by your carrier, please provide the vehicle in clean condition. This allows for quick and fair evaluation of the vehicle prior to shipment, and establishes the standard for condition of delivery. 

      Fuel Level: Limit fuel level to a minimum of 1/8 tank capacity and no more than 1/4 tank capacity. 

      Antennas: Antennas should be lowered or removed. Temporary antennas for cell phones or CB radios should also be removed. 

      Racks: Remove any luggage, bike, or ski rack that is not permanently attached to the car. 

      Keys: U.S., Department of Transportation requires that one set of all keys for the vehicle is provided to the carrier, including the ignition, trunk, and glove box keys. 

      Spoilers: Spoilers or other low hanging items should be removed, or sufficient clearance assured, to expedite loading on the rail and truck ramps. 

      Canopies/Caps: Caps and canopies on pickup trucks must be properly bolted to the box of the truck to ensure safe delivery. 

      Personal Items: Do not leave or transport anything valuable in your vehicle, Yada Enterprises Inc. or its agents is not responsible for anything loose inside your car, including cell phones, radar detectors, removable radios, household goods, sunglasses, etc. 

      Car Alarms: Alarms should be turned off for transport. If there are special instructions required to start a car in order to disarm the alarm, please inform your carries picking up your car. Yada Enterprises Inc. is not responsible for drained batteries resulting from an alarm that has not been turned off. 

      Cracked Glass: Should the vehicle glass have a nick, scratch, chip, crack, or other imperfection, Yada Enterprises Inc. or its agents will not be responsible for damage caused by any pre-existing condition. 

      Weather: All vehicles should be prepared for any climate. Check all fluids such as coolants, transmission oils, etc. before shipping. 

      Pickup and Delivery: Make sure you have gone through the above steps. The driver will contact 3 to 24 hours in advance to pickup and delivery of your vehicle. Make sure take a proactive approach to inspecting your car. We do not recommend you receive your car at night unless you are in a lighted area. Look under and on top of your car, not just around. Expect the car to be dirty depending on the duration of travel. Remember that once you signed off on the delivery receipt you have released the driver and Yada Enterprises Inc. of any further liability to your vehicle.

14. STORAGE FEES: Yada Enterprises Inc. shall not be liable for any storage fees applicable to any shipper’s vehicles. 

15. VEHICLE MUST SUIT QUOTED DESCRIPTION: Should shipper present vehicle as being stock (without any aftermarket alterations, as acquired from manufacturer) and vehicle is found to be overweight, height or width due to the addition of oversize tries, lift kits or any other aftermarket alterations shipper will be assessed additional fees to compensate for additional size or weight. A dry run fee of $150.00 or more may be charged to shipper should vehicle be non transportable due to excessive size or weight or any other non disclosure by shipper.

16. LEGAL ACTION: If any provision or part of this agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable, all other parts of this agreement remain in effect. The laws of the State shall govern the agreement. Any legal action against Yada Enterprises Inc. must be filed in the District or Circuit Court of Spink County, South Dakota. By executing this agreement, customer waives any and all rights to litigate elsewhere. 

This agreement supersedes all written and/or oral agreements between Yada Enterprises Inc. and the Shipper and shall not be changed by any device except when in writing by an officer of Yada Enterprises Inc. and posted on this web site.